Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ACS upcoming events

We might have been off to a slow start this semester, but we're finishing strong.

First, our treasurer's fiance did a gorgeous painting of Lady Justice which we donated to the PILG auction. It brought in a cool two hundred bucks. Not too shabby.

We have four events coming up that are nothing to sneeze at, either.

April 4 - brown bag discussion with Professor Porter

April 7 - reception for ACS members and area progressive attorneys with Judge Teitelman of the Missouri Supreme Court. Chief Justice Wolff, also of the Missouri Supreme Court, asked to be invited again this semester so there's a good chance he'll be stopping by as well. Information on location coming ASAP.

update: The reception will be held at Guido's on The Hill, from 5-7pm. We have the private back room reserved. Appetizers on us.

April 12 - MO Attorney General Jay Nixon will be speaking at noon. Career Services is co-sponsoring and will be providing lunch. Currently scheduled for the courtroom but we're trying to get it moved to a bigger classroom both to accomodate more people and to facilitate eating.

April 20 - Texas Hold 'Em Tournament at Guido's on the Hill. From 7pm - 9 or 10pm. Limited availability of seating, $10 entry fee.


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