Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So now that I no longer have the position of student organization president occupying my mind, I shall turn my attention to future matters.

First, this summer. I will be continuing my work at the agency where I've been employed since last summer. (Note to self: must complete paper work for 711 certification.)

Second, I got almost the exact schedule I wanted for next semester. My classes will be as follows:

Externship Clinic
Lawyering Practice (Gilchrist)
Juvenile Law (McGraugh)
Secured Transactions (Korybut)
Urban Housing and Development (Salsich)
Directed Research (Bloom)

The only class I wanted but didn't get was Porter's Feminist Legal Theory seminar, because I've already taken two seminars and therefore was low on the priority list.


At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Matt Schuh said...

LE, what is your Directed Research with Bloom about? If you'd rather answer via email, feel free.


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