Saturday, May 20, 2006

PSA for St. Louis area readers

Tickets for home games in the new Busch Stadium sold out pretty quickly, but that doesn't mean you can't catch a game this summer.

The Cardinals have a program that allows a sort of lottery-style approach to last minute ticket sales.

At 9am the morning of any home game, one ticket window opens up at the stadium. 125 pairs of tickets are released. People who show up pay $11.00 ($5.50 per seat, in honor of the games now being carried on 550 KTRS) and get a number. Those with numbers come back to the will-call window (I think) at some designated pre-game time and receive 2 tickets. There's no telling what you might get. They are mainly tickets that have been released by the two teams which will be playing that day - so they could be really excellent seats. But even if they're in the nosebleed section you're coming out ahead, as you're getting the tickets cheaper than standing room.

This message brought to you courtesy of my season-ticket holding bleacher bum dad. He holds this occupation to be just as noble as the rest of his family - his wife the teacher, his older daughter the almost-lawyer, and his younger daughter the doctor.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Study breaks

We all have them. Or at least I'm guessing we do. Those random little notes we write to ourselved in the midst of our class notes.

In studying for my first final of the semester, I came across an entire day's worth of notes that consisted only of the following:

"This class is the bad. Why do you sign up for classes which completely contradict your entire value system?"

A friend I was studying with this evening came across this gem:

"You can't have sex with your client unless you were already gettin' it on before the representation started."

So I invite you all to take a moment out of your studies and share your own funny little note tidbits.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Reasons I am not a doctor

Y'know, besides the whole lesser ability in math and science thing.

The other night, there was a shoot out in Cincinnati that is reportedly related to a rap concert that took place there. A local rapper showed up and the performing rapper dissed him and his crew. So the theory is that the local rapper and his people hung around, waited for the performing rapper to leave, and followed him. Gun fire was exchanged on one of the area interstates.

It just so happens that my sister is in the final weeks of her residency at a hospital in Cincinnati. She was working when all this went down, and saw one of the victims in the emergency room. (Saw as in viewed, not treated. She's an ob-gyn.)


She said he was shot in the head and injured so severely that his brain was coming out his nose. Given that statement, it's not particularly surprising that he didn't survive his injuries.

This reminded me of when she was in med school. Our family would meet for dinner (lunch) every Sunday, and she'd regale us with tales of the things she "got" to do that week. Had I been in her position, I would have been showing up at dinner saying "You won't believe what they made me do this week!" (They were always gross.)

So as much as I don't want to be studying for finals, at least I'm not gearing up for a career that bears much chance of coming into contact with sights like the one described above.