Saturday, May 20, 2006

PSA for St. Louis area readers

Tickets for home games in the new Busch Stadium sold out pretty quickly, but that doesn't mean you can't catch a game this summer.

The Cardinals have a program that allows a sort of lottery-style approach to last minute ticket sales.

At 9am the morning of any home game, one ticket window opens up at the stadium. 125 pairs of tickets are released. People who show up pay $11.00 ($5.50 per seat, in honor of the games now being carried on 550 KTRS) and get a number. Those with numbers come back to the will-call window (I think) at some designated pre-game time and receive 2 tickets. There's no telling what you might get. They are mainly tickets that have been released by the two teams which will be playing that day - so they could be really excellent seats. But even if they're in the nosebleed section you're coming out ahead, as you're getting the tickets cheaper than standing room.

This message brought to you courtesy of my season-ticket holding bleacher bum dad. He holds this occupation to be just as noble as the rest of his family - his wife the teacher, his older daughter the almost-lawyer, and his younger daughter the doctor.


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