Wednesday, July 12, 2006

plenty to write about, not enough time to do it

I was out with some school friends the other night, and one of them brought to my attention the fact that I haven't posted anything here since May 20. So I thought I'd remedy that.

When I haven't been busy working, I've had plenty of other things to occupy my time and attention.

My sister has been in the process of moving back home and has become something of a local celebrity in the process. The practice she's joining has been running ads announcing her arrival in the area, and the local paper wrote a story about her. Given the fact that there's unlikely to be a full-time opening at my agency when I graduate, she's been suggesting that I let her look into getting me an interview at the firm that represents her doctors' group. That led to an interesting discussion. Upon starting law school I did assure her that I'd never sue doctors, but there's no way I want to spend my career defending them, either.

In light of this probable lack of openings at the agency where I work, a couple of friends of mine who are already licensed attorneys have suggested that we go into practice together at some point in the future. There's obviously a lot that goes into such a venture, so it remains to be seen whether it will materialize. But just in case, I decided to tweak my schedule a bit to take Trial Ad. My current fall classes have become:

-Secured Transactions (Korybut)
-Trial Ad I (Kessler) - thanks to a friend who decided to drop and met up with me so I could snag her spot as soon as she submitted her drop/add form on Banner
-Externship (agency where I currently work)
-Lawyering Practice (Gilchrist)
-Feminist Legal Theory (Porter)
-Directed Research (Bloom)

I've also been catching up on non-school reading. My current selection is autobiography of a blue-eyed devil: my life and times in a racist, imperialist society. I may write about it once I've finished, but for now I'll just say that Inga Muscio has cemented her place on my list of personal heroes.

Off to work with me. I'll try not to let another 6 weeks go by before my next post.